Sunday, 6 December 2015

Autumn/Winter fashion favourites

Hey guys! Today I'm back sharing with you my Autumn fashion favourites.

Tartan scarf
I've been in love with these since last Autumn, and I try to 'pull them off' with every outfit- even if it doesn't always work haha! I have a red one but also a cream and orange one which is my new addition (featured in my 16th birthday haul) from ASOS. I think tartan scarves are great to brighten up or add a bit of colour to a dark outfit, without it looking summery!

Black Joni jeans
Joni jeans are the only jeans I actually wear. I don't like any other jeans! They fit perfectly, and the black ones are my favourite for Autumn.

Oversized jumpers
Oversized clothes are always more 'in' during the Autumn/Winter, especially oversized jumpers. This one is from topshop, its grey with some black writing, it's long sleeved, and it was £26. It's so soft and thick, and so comfortable for lazy days, but can also be dressed up with jeans, a tartan scarf and boots for going out.

Chelsea boots
I recently picked up my first pair of chelsea boots and I love them. Mine are from Primark and were £13, they have a small block heel, and they're slightly pointed at the toe. For £13 you can't go wrong, but don't wear them on a long day where you will be doing lots of walking (like I did in London) as you will end up with MASSIVE blisters, ouch!

The other day I ordered a black and white long coat/jacket from Boohoo for £30. It is a bit like a blazer as the black bit kind of folds over outwards if you understand what I mean?! I would have linked it so you could all see it, but it's not available anymore. Sorry I haven't provided a photo for this, because it's long it was extremely difficult to take a good photo of. It's so warm and thick, and looks fashionable at the same time so I love it.

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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  1. I love wearing tartan during this time of year, that shade you have on your scarf looks lovely!

    Toni x

    1. I love wearing tartan too! Thank you, I love that scarf x

  2. Love your tartan scarf! I agree with you Joni Jeans are great and so flattering!x

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you, I love it too! Joni jeans defo have to be the best jeans out there x