Sunday, 29 November 2015

Autumn nail picks

Hey guys, so today I'm here sharing with you my favourite Autumnal nail colours. I am literally a nail varnish hoarder, I just keep adding to my collection, oops! Therefore it was very difficult for me to narrow it down to these nail varnishes I've chosen!! 

First of all, I have the Rimmel nail nurse. I use this as a base coat in winter, as it keeps my nail moisturised, but mainly when wearing dark colours, it prevents them from staining my nails. So this is an absolute life saver for me. 

I've been loving the P.S matte top coat. This is from primark, and was only £1.50.  It makes your nails really matte, and it keeps the colour on your nails much longer. I've really been loving this in Autumn because I think dark nails look nicer when they're matte. 

Now onto the colours, the first one I've been loving is a Rimmel lasting finish in the shade black cherries. This is a very dark berry colour it's always my go to when I don't know which colour to paint my nails during autumn. 

Next I have one that I've recently added to my collection, it's Essie Bahama mama. I must admit, the name makes me think of a summer shade- anyone else agree? But anyway, this shade is my new favourite. It's my first Essie nail varnish and I'm already in love and looking for new ones to add to my collection. It glides on so well, and it's super smooth. Anyway about the colour, it's a berry kind of shade, but more of a mix between red and plum rather than just the plum! It's just an absolute must for Autumn! 

I also love gold shades in Autumn, I've particularly been loving Barry M 289, gold. It's a bit like a top coat really, it looks great over red nails, or even on its own if you do plenty of layers. This would be great with red for Christmas! 

Next is one from Maybelline in the shade wine shimmer. This was my favourite last Autumn/Winter, it's a great shade for Christmas parties. It's a reddish pink, with silver sparkles in. 

Finally I have one from seventeen in the shade risky red. This is just an average red shade, it looks great in the Autumn/Winter paired with the gold one I talked about. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this post, and it's given you some inspiration on your Autumn nails! 
Do you have any of these nail varnishes? 

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