Sunday, 8 November 2015

16th birthday haul

Hey guys so it was my birthday on the 29th October and I thought I'd share with you what I got.

First of all from my parents my main present was having a weekend away in London. I had an amazing time, I love London!! I did a photo diary blog post whilst I was there which you will find here. I also had some money to spend whilst I was there, because what's a trip to London without going shopping?!!!

First of all I got the lovely 16th Pandora charm for on my pandora bracelet. It's so pretty! The one next to it i received off my best friend, it's so cute. 

My parents also bought me a lovely onesie from Boux avenue. It's so warm and fluffy, perfect for Autumn. 

I also got Jurassic world on DVD as I absolutely love all of the other Jurassic park DVDs. 

Next I got girl online: on tour. I was so excited as I loved girl online, so I need to start reading this asap. 

Finally from my parents I got this massive scarf from Asos. It's so soft and it's big enough to be a blanket. I love the pattern and it's going to look great with a jumper.

From my nan and grandad I received this gorgeous phone case I've wanted ages! It's from skinny dip, I absolutely love all of their phone cases. 

I also got from them the real techniques shading brush which I was super happy about as I didn't have any eye brushes. 

From one of my other friends I got the experimenter bath bomb from lush- she knows me too well! I also got a cute tin of 3 mini impulses, and a bar of Cadbury Oreo chocolate. 

I also received a few other presents from my friends after I had taken these photos which included a body shop lipstick, perfumes, bath products and chocolate. 

I am so grateful for everything I received and the messages people sent me :) 
I will also be doing a beauty and fashion haul of everything I purchased with my birthday money whilst in London, if you'd like to see that then let me know. 
I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! 

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  1. The scarf is gorgeous! Would defo like to see a haul :)

    1. I agree, I love this scarf! Thanks I'll definitely do one :)

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday, the scarf is lovely! xx