Sunday, 29 November 2015

Autumn nail picks

Hey guys, so today I'm here sharing with you my favourite Autumnal nail colours. I am literally a nail varnish hoarder, I just keep adding to my collection, oops! Therefore it was very difficult for me to narrow it down to these nail varnishes I've chosen!! 

First of all, I have the Rimmel nail nurse. I use this as a base coat in winter, as it keeps my nail moisturised, but mainly when wearing dark colours, it prevents them from staining my nails. So this is an absolute life saver for me. 

I've been loving the P.S matte top coat. This is from primark, and was only £1.50.  It makes your nails really matte, and it keeps the colour on your nails much longer. I've really been loving this in Autumn because I think dark nails look nicer when they're matte. 

Now onto the colours, the first one I've been loving is a Rimmel lasting finish in the shade black cherries. This is a very dark berry colour it's always my go to when I don't know which colour to paint my nails during autumn. 

Next I have one that I've recently added to my collection, it's Essie Bahama mama. I must admit, the name makes me think of a summer shade- anyone else agree? But anyway, this shade is my new favourite. It's my first Essie nail varnish and I'm already in love and looking for new ones to add to my collection. It glides on so well, and it's super smooth. Anyway about the colour, it's a berry kind of shade, but more of a mix between red and plum rather than just the plum! It's just an absolute must for Autumn! 

I also love gold shades in Autumn, I've particularly been loving Barry M 289, gold. It's a bit like a top coat really, it looks great over red nails, or even on its own if you do plenty of layers. This would be great with red for Christmas! 

Next is one from Maybelline in the shade wine shimmer. This was my favourite last Autumn/Winter, it's a great shade for Christmas parties. It's a reddish pink, with silver sparkles in. 

Finally I have one from seventeen in the shade risky red. This is just an average red shade, it looks great in the Autumn/Winter paired with the gold one I talked about. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this post, and it's given you some inspiration on your Autumn nails! 
Do you have any of these nail varnishes? 

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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Autumn beauty essentials

I'm Hey guys, so today I'm going to be sharing with you my Autumn beauty essentials.

First of all I have the essie nail varnish in the shade Bahama mama. This is literally my favourite colour it is beautiful and absolutely perfect for Autumn. I've been wearing it non stop the past 3 weeks! 

I then have the MUA Undress me too palette. The colours in this are so autumnal! I did a golden eye makeup look using this palette which you can find here

I also have a collection lipstick in the shade sugar plum. I always rave about this for Autumn, it's been my go to colour for the past two years. 

My next lipstick is from MUA in the shade fawn fancy. This colour is so similar to velvet teddy! The colour is perfect for Autumn, although I'm not that keen on the formulation of this and it fades from your lips in about 20 minutes which is quite disappointing, but it was only £1, so I can't really moan. I mainly bought this to decide whether the colour will suit me enough to buy velvet teddy! 

My final Autumnal lipstick essential is from topshop in the shade infrared. This is a redy-orange colour and it looks great with a red tartan scarf which is an Autumn fashion staple! 

Next is a scent, and this is from bath and body works in the scent warm vanilla sugar. This is just a classic Autumn scent, it smells amazing! The only bad thing is that we don't have a bath and body works in the UK! So a trip to America is needed to pick this up- haha! 

Finally my next Autumn beauty essential (well it's for my hair but that still counts right?!) is the herbel essence miracle oil. I've been loving this the past month, I use it on my ends after I've washed my hair- so every other day. It is an oil, but fear not, it doesn't make your hair greasy at all! It really nourishes my dry ends, and it makes my hair look so much smoother and softer.

What's your favourite hair product for dry ends?

I hope you've all enjoyed this blog post!

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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Drugstore Autumnal makeup tutorial

Hey guys, so today I'm back with my autumnal makeup routine. I absolutely love this look whether it's in the day time, or on a night out. I don't do many makeup tutorials or routines very often, but it's definitely something I'd like to do more of, so let me know in the comments if you'd like that! In the past I've done an everyday makeup routine and a nude eye makeup look, so have a read of those. Also I'm not the best at doing eye makeup so bare that in mind! The eyes are the main part in this look, and this is what they look like when they're done! 

So first of all I will do my base makeup. I will usually start off with a concealer, I'm currently using one from Natural Collection. This is only around £3, and it's amazing! It gives really good coverage without looking cakey. It also lasts around 3-4 hours on your face as well which is great. If I have enough time, I will apply this with a damp beauty blender, this one I bought from eBay and it works perfectly. I will then powder my face to make my makeup longer lasting, I will usually use my Rimmel stay matte. It's not the best powder I've tried as it does go very shiny on my face after about an hour, although it doesn't take too long to top up. I always apply this using my Real Techniques powder brush.

I will then go onto bronzer, blusher and highlight. I will start out by bronzing my cheek bones, jaw line, and temples using the Maybelline master sculpt in the shade light. I do this using my Real Techniques contour brush. I will then apply blush using my £1 (yep bargain) MUA blush in the shade lolly. This colour is gorgeous, it's very pigmented so you only need the smallest amount, and the staying power is amazing. I apply this using my Primark blush brush. Finally I will add a little bit of highlight again using my Maybelline master sculpt, I apply this above my bronzer and slightly on my nose. I find this is not very pigmented, so you have to apply quite a lot, even for a very subtle glow.

Next I will move onto eyes. For this whole golden smokey eyeshadow look, I used the MUA undress me too palette. This is such a gorgeous palette, the colours are absolutely perfect for Autumn, they're very pigmented, and you can create tons of different looks using it. 
First of all I took the shade devotion and patted it all over my lid. This creates a very golden eye which is perfect for making blue eyes stand out. I then took the shade fiery and patted that on the outer corner of my eye and in my crease to create the smokey effect. Finally I took the shade wink and went over the top of fiery to create a more smokey effect. 

I will then use my soap and glory supercat liner, and do a line across my lid and then a flick at the end. I will go over it using my collection fast stroke eyeliner, as this is a darker, a bolder black, and it doesn't smudge or fade at all. I will finish off using my everyday mascara: maybelline the falsies. 
I will also fill my eyebrows in using the soap and glory brow archery.

I can't forget my lips of course, so to compliment this look I will usually do a plum lip using my collection lipstick in the shade sugar plum. 

Finally I will use my makeup revolution setting spray. This helps my makeup stay on that little bit longer, and for £4 you can't complain. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this post! 

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Beauty haul // Urban Decay, MUA, Topshop & more

Hey guys! So today I'm back with a rather large beauty haul of all of the beauty products I treated myself too with my birthday money. 

First of all I picked up the makeup revolution iconic 3 palette. I've wanted this for a very long time, it looks like the perfect palette for rose gold eye looks and also smokey eyes. 

Next is a topshop lipstick in the shade infrared. I saw this in a lot of Zoella's vlogs, and it suits her so much so I thought I'd give it a go. I've never had a lipstick from topshop before either, so I'm very excited to try it out. 

I also got an essie nail varnish in the shade Bahama mama. This is the most beautiful Autumn nail varnish, I have it on right now and it looks so pretty. 

I picked up the MUA undress me too palette. This is another Autumn coloured eye shadow palette, because of the gorgeous golden shades. 

Next I picked up the urban decay all nighter setting spray, I'm hoping this is going to keep my makeup on all day, without going shiny! 

Finally I picked up the MUA lipstick in the shade fawn fancy. This is supposed to be a dupe for velvet teddy, which I don't actually own. I love this colour so I really want to purchase velvet teddy! I'm not keen on the formulation of this as it literally stays on my lips for about 20 minutes and then completely fades! 

I hope you've all enjoyed this post! 

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Sunday, 8 November 2015

16th birthday haul

Hey guys so it was my birthday on the 29th October and I thought I'd share with you what I got.

First of all from my parents my main present was having a weekend away in London. I had an amazing time, I love London!! I did a photo diary blog post whilst I was there which you will find here. I also had some money to spend whilst I was there, because what's a trip to London without going shopping?!!!

First of all I got the lovely 16th Pandora charm for on my pandora bracelet. It's so pretty! The one next to it i received off my best friend, it's so cute. 

My parents also bought me a lovely onesie from Boux avenue. It's so warm and fluffy, perfect for Autumn. 

I also got Jurassic world on DVD as I absolutely love all of the other Jurassic park DVDs. 

Next I got girl online: on tour. I was so excited as I loved girl online, so I need to start reading this asap. 

Finally from my parents I got this massive scarf from Asos. It's so soft and it's big enough to be a blanket. I love the pattern and it's going to look great with a jumper.

From my nan and grandad I received this gorgeous phone case I've wanted ages! It's from skinny dip, I absolutely love all of their phone cases. 

I also got from them the real techniques shading brush which I was super happy about as I didn't have any eye brushes. 

From one of my other friends I got the experimenter bath bomb from lush- she knows me too well! I also got a cute tin of 3 mini impulses, and a bar of Cadbury Oreo chocolate. 

I also received a few other presents from my friends after I had taken these photos which included a body shop lipstick, perfumes, bath products and chocolate. 

I am so grateful for everything I received and the messages people sent me :) 
I will also be doing a beauty and fashion haul of everything I purchased with my birthday money whilst in London, if you'd like to see that then let me know. 
I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! 

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Oxford Street lush haul!

Hey guys! So as you know if you read my London blog post, I went to London for my birthday, and bought quite a lot from lush (and now my bathroom smells like a lush shop! I can't complain about that though haha) so I thought I'd show you what I bought today.

First of all I bought the brightside bubble bar. This smells absolutely amazing, it's so fresh!! You get so many uses out of this as well so it's definitely value for money. 

Next I picked up the holly golightly bubble bar. I thought this looked so cool and I know it will make my bath look super pretty, although I'm not that keen on the smell of this.

I also got the five gold rings. I picked these up because I thought it would be cool just popping one in my bath, and of course these will last for a while as you get 5 baths out of them. I also loved the golden sparkly colour, it reminds me of Christmas. 

Then I picked up candy mountain bubble bar. This is so popular and I can see why as it smells amazing and looks adorable. 

Finally I picked up Santas belly shower jelly. I've wanted a shower jelly for a while but I'm not 100% sure on how to use them, so I thought I'd pick one up to see what it's like. I think this is probably my favourite scent out of all of the things I picked up, it literally smells exactly like Christmas. I also love the sparkles it has inside it!! I'm super excited to start using it. 

I hope you've all enjoyed this post! Comment below your favourite lush Christmas product. 

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