Wednesday, 28 October 2015

London // photo diary

Hey guys, so if you follow my Twitter or Instagram, you will know I've been away at the weekend in London for pre birthday celebrations. I had a great weekend so I thought I'd share with you a few of the photos I've taken! Also if you'd like a haul of everything I've bought then let me know by leaving a comment. 

Whilst I was in London, we spent a large majority of our time shopping (of course), on Oxford street. I can't forget to mention the amazing three story lush, where I spent a very long time and quite a lot of money... Oops! I also enjoyed a very lovely Lola's cupcake, and a stroll around Regent's Park. We got up rather early on our second day so we could fit everything in, and I've never seen the underground that quiet!! 

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The travel tag

Hey guys! I wasn't tagged to do this post, but I was scrolling through beautydreamcatcher's blog posts, and I came across it. I love travelling, and these questions really interested me so I thought I'd do this tag.

1. How old were you and where did you go on your first trip? 
My first trip was to Germany to visit family, I think I was around 2! 

2. Do you like or dislike traveling?
I LOVE travelling!!

3. Do you prefer the window, isle, or middle seat?
The window obviously! 

4. How do you pass the time on an aeroplane?
I will usually try and sleep, but that never happens as planes are just too loud. If it's a long haul flight I will just watch films from the tv, if it's short haul I will probably just listen to music and watch the clouds outside the window haha! 

5. You're leaving tomorrow, money is no option, where are you going?
AUSTRALIA!! I would love to go there one day. 

6. Which accent in the world is your favourite to hear? 

7. Favourite landmark you have visited? 
The Empire State Building! The views are just incredible. 

I nominate anybody who wants to do this tag! 
I hope you've enjoyed this post and comment your favourite place you've ever travelled too! 

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

What's in my bag!

Hey guys, so today I'm back with a collaboration with The Blogging Box, I absolutely love her blog and the variety of posts she does, so make sure you go and check out her collab post, which is also a what's in my bag.

A while ago I did a what's in my hand luggage bag, which was quite different to this, but you can find that here

So first of all this bag is from primark, I think it was around £8 although I bought it a while ago so I can't remember. It's fairly small but I can fit everything I need into it, and it has a zip, along with an inside zipped compartment, and an extra compartment on the front. It has a long strap as well as two shorter straps. This is probably one of my favourite bags I own (except from my school bag! If you want a what's in my school bag then let me know!) as its so practical and I love the look of it. I use this bag on weekends when I'm going out eg shopping (of course, a girl can never do too much shopping), or going for a meal etc. 

Lipstick of the day
So first of all in my bag, I will have the lipstick I'm wearing that day. At the moment I have the collection sugar plum lipstick, and this is my favourite lipstick for Autumn. It's a lovely plum shade, which is fairly dark but at the same time not too dark.  

Notebook and pen
Next I will have my notebook which is from tesco. I always use this for my shopping list, and alongside it, I will also have a pen. 

Hand gel
I will also have a hand sanitizer and at the moment I'm using my bath and body works pocketback in the scent cupcake sweetie, this is literally the nicest smell ever! 

Earphones and phone
Of course I can't go anywhere without earphones; they keep me entertained whether I'm in a car, a train or a bus, so I will always carry around my very tangled pair alongside my phone.

I will also have my purse of course in case I need to buy anything, this is from Cath Kidston. 

Chewing gum
I definitely can't go anyway without a pot of chewing gum either! 

Portable phone charger
I always keep this with me for emergencies! This is a life saver, it's the anchor portable phone charger, it's the size of a lipstick and it charges your phone up twice fully without needing to be charged itself.

Wallpaper sample
Finally this is probably very random, but I will have my small wallpaper sample from the wallpaper in my bedroom. I carry this around with me as I've recently moved house, and I've been buying a lot of homeware items for in my room so I need to make sure it matches my wallpaper! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

My makeup collection // brushes

Hey guys! So today I'm here with my final makeup collection post, sharing with you my brush collection. I've done three other posts in this series, which you can find here here and here

So the majority of my brushes are real techniques. First of all I have the real techniques core collection kit, and in this I have the buffing brush, I use this whenever I fancy using a brush for my foundation. I'm not that keen on buffing my foundation in as I feel like it sticks to dry patches of skin, so instead I kind of push the foundation down, the same way I would if I used a beauty blender. 

Next I have the contour brush. I love this brush, I use it for applying bronzer and highlighter. This is such a useful brush and it's probably one of my favourites. 

Next I have the pointed foundation brush. I don't use this very often, as I'm not sure what to use it for. 

Finally from this set, I have the detailer brush. I use this for applying eye makeup, as I don't have any proper eye brushes yet, due to the fact I've only just started using eyeshadow. But until I purchase some eye brushes, this does the job! 

I then have the real techniques powder brush. I use this brush everyday for my powder, it's probably my most used brush. I collect some powder onto the brush and then dab it onto my face, rather than brushing it over, as this way I find it gives more coverage and also lasts longer. 

Finally from my real techniques collection, I have the expert face brush. I used to use this the most, but recently I've been preferring buffing brush. The expert face brush is a lot easier to buff your foundation in, as the brushes are closer together, so the base is firmer. This is the perfect brush if you love buffing your foundation in. 

Next I have two primark brushes. The first is a primark blush brush. I use this to apply blusher, and it's the perfect size to give a natural bit of colour onto the cheeks. I think it was only about £3, and it's amazing for the price. 

My final primark brush is the primark foundation/concealer brush. This was around £1.50, I don't use it much as I don't really have a use for it, but it is good for applying concealer around your nose. 

Finally I have the 17 bronzer brush. I got this years ago, and I used to use it for bronzer before I got my real techniques contour brush. Although its perfect if your not wanting to spend too much money on a real techniques brush. 

I thought I'd include my beauty blender, as I recently bought this, and although it's not a brush, it's still something I use for applying makeup. I dampen it with water and then use it to dab my foundation onto my face. I find that it gives a good coverage with a dewey finish. I've really been enjoying using this recently, and I bought it from eBay for £1.50! I don't really see much point in spending more on a beauty blender, because at the end of the day it's a sponge... 

As I don't have any eye brushes in my collection yet, and as I've been experimenting more with eyeshadow recently, I've been debating over which brushes to pick up. What's your favourite eye brush? And do you recommend the real techniques eye starter kit? 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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