Sunday, 27 September 2015

My makeup collection // lips

Hey guys, so today I'm here with my lipstick collection! This is the 3rd post in my makeup collection series, you can find the other two posts here and here

First of all, I will show you my 3 Mac lipsticks. The first is brave, it's fairly matte and it lasts on the lips for quite a while. It's really wearable and goes with many makeup looks, I think this would be a great one for autumn as its one of the more darker nudes. 

The second is ramblin rose, I did a blog post reviewing this which you will find here. It's a lovely colour for the summer, although I'm not that keen on the frost finish. 

My final one is sunny seoul. This is another one for the summer, it's not very bold, so it's super wearable and it's more of a moisturising formula on the lips. 

I also have two baby lips, the first in the shade pink punch. I'm not that keen on this as it doesn't suit my skin tone, although they're both very moisturising. 

I also have one from the electro range, although I don't know the colour of this.

I have a pink primark lipstick that I'm not keen on as it defines chapped lips, I also don't know the shade of this. 

The next one is from the Rimmel range keep calm and carry on partying. It's perfect for autumn, and it's quite moisturising, this is in the shade  050 violet blush. 

Next I have a 17 lasting fix lipstick in the shade hot chilli, which is perfect for Autumn. 

Another lipstick perfect for Autumn, is the collection lasting colour lipstick in the shade 3 sugar plum. This is probably my favourite autumnal lipstick, and I always choose to wear this. It's moisturising but it has a slightly matte finish which is perfect. 

Next for the lip pens and crayons. All of these smell amazing!! 
The top one is the max factor lip finite lasting lip tint. This is in the shade 07, I'm not that keen on this as I don't like the colour or the finish, but it certainly does last ages- it never fades!

I have a Rimmel lasting finish colour rush, in the shade 00 give me a cuddle. This is one of my favourite summer lip products, it's always my go to during the summer. 

Finally I have a Barry m lip lacquer crayon in the shade 03. This is my go to lip product for Christmas parties, because it has a slight shimmer which is perfect. 

Next for the glosses. 
I have a models own lipgloss. I don't know the shade of this, but I use this to go over red lipsticks as it gives it more of a subtle finish. It smells like sherbet, which has to be one of the best smells!!

I then have a technic lip gloss, I don't know the shade of this, but it isn't coloured, so I don't use it very often. 

Now for the Barry M glosses, unfortunately non of these say the shade, but the first is another that's smells like sherbet! It's a bright red shade that's really moisturising. 

Next is my first limited edition lip gloss, this one is said to smell like strawberry shortcake and it certainly does! It's a sheer light pink colour with subtle sparkles. 

The final is another limited edition one, which is a sheer nude, perfect to make any matte lipstick glossy. 

I then have a collection cream puff in the shade powder puff 2. I really don't like this, the shade makes me look super pale, and I hate the formula! It's quite thick, not very moisturising at all, and it sticks to chapped lips. 

Finally I have a 17 ultimate volume lip gloss, it doesn't say the shade of this, but I absolutely love it and it does make your lips volumised!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Comment below your favourite lip product! 

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  1. I loved this post, you have quite an impressive collection of lip products :) Can I ask where you bought the collection lasting colour lipstick (the sugar plum one) as it looks like it would be perfect for autumn. I've been searching high and low but I just can't seem to find one in the perfect shade.

  2. Aw thank you! Glad you liked this post! I picked it up from superdrug last year, so I'm not sure if it's still in stores now x

  3. I absolutely love that nude lipgloss from Barrym it's such a shame it was limited edition! I have nearly ran out of mine!

    1. It is lovely! I know, I nearly have as well, I bought it ages ago!

  4. Your MAC Rambling Rose looks lovely!
    Tori x
    30 Plus and Beautiful

    1. It really is! Probably one of my favourite lip products x