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My makeup collection // face

Hey guys! So I've been wanting to do this post for a while and only just got around to it. A lot of people show their makeup collection, but I thought I'd do it differently. I am splitting it into 4 different posts, one for my face products, another for my eyes and brows, one for my lips, and finally one for my brushes. This way I can explain every product I own and do a mini review of each of them for you, rather than just showing what I own. 


I own two primers, the first one is the rimmel lasting finish primer. I use this everyday, I've had it for ages and I still have loads left in the tube. This really does help my makeup stay on for most of the day, as long as it's paired with the foundation and powder in this range. I did a blog post reviewing them so you can see that here.  

Next I have the rimmel fix and perfect pro primer. I don't use this one as much as it doesn't help keep my makeup on for as long as the other one mentioned, so it's good for short trips out. 


I own two concealers, the first one is from natural collection. I think this was only a few pound so it's great if your just starting out with makeup. I would say it's medium coverage and it does last on the face for a few hours. 

I finally have the concealer that everyone raves about the collection lasting perfection. I'm actually not that keen on this, it's a very thick formula, it is fairly high coverage, it's very hard to blend, it can look cakey and it does crease. It lasts for a few hours without looking shiny so it certainly isn't 16 hour wear as it claims to be. 

BB creams:

I have two BB creams, the first is the Maybelline dream pure BB cream. I'm not that keen on BB creams as if I'm wearing makeup I would rather it be full coverage otherwise I wouldn't wear any. 

Next I have a mini Rimmel BB cream, I haven't actually used this yet so I can't comment on it. 


First of all its my holy grail everyday foundation. The Rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation. I wear this everyday for school and it lasts me nearly all day. It is fairly high coverage and very buildable. 

I also have the Mac Pro long wear foundation.  I bought this when I was in America so I saved some money on it, but I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on it. 


My first powder is the Rimmel lasting finish 25 hr powder. I use this on an everyday basis as it helps keep my face matte for most of the school day, and it's great as it also gives extra coverage, and it's buildable. 

I also have two of the Rimmel stay matte powders. One of them the packaging has broken so I keep this at home, and the other I keep in my makeup bag. This looks cakey and goes shiny on my face very easily so I'm not that keen on it. 

Bronzer & blush:

I have two bronzers, the first one is the maybelline master sculpt. I got this in the lightest shade which probably wasn't a good idea as it is extremely subtle and I can't tell I've got it on, however I can build it up but it is a long process. If your thinking about picking it up, I would advise you to get the darkest shade unless you have extremly pale skin, I have fairly pale skin and the lightest shade doesn't show up. The highlighter isn't the best either, it's very glittery and sparkley. I wouldn't repurchase this for £6.99. 

The next bronzer I have is the 17 instant glow bronzing pearls. I love these, they add a really nice colour to my face, and define cheekbones very well. 

I have one blusher and it's from MUA. I love this blush, it was only £1, I bought it in the shade lolly and it's super pigmented! It stays on your cheeks all day it's just amazing. 

Setting sprays: 

I only have one setting spray, and that's the makeup revolution pro fix oil control fixing spray. It is supposed to keep your makeup on for 24 hours, however it only keeps it on for a few hours. I don't like this very much because when you spray it, it's a liquid so it separates all of your makeup and leaves you with that look. I therefore don't use it on my face, but for keeping eyebrows on its amazing! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped! 
Comment below your favourite base makeup product! 

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  1. My favourite base makeup product is the rimmel match perfection foundation :)
    Nice post :)xx

    1. I've been thinking about picking that up! Thank you :) xx

  2. need a new foundation and the Rimmel lasting finish sounds really nice :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  3. I love the lasting finish 25hr foundation, it is also my holy grail, I use it almost everyday

    1. Same for me, I use it everyday as well!