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My makeup collection // eyes & brows

Hey guys! So today I'm here with my second post in my makeup collection series, sharing with you my eye and eyebrow products I own. My first makeup collection post was my face products, which you can find here.

Eye shadow:

First of all I have the collection eyes undercovered nude palette. I don't tend to wear eyeshadow much, but I love these they're very subtle and you can create some lovely looks. I did a post showing you one of the looks I created which you can find here

Next I have a natural collection duo in the shade mink/sable. I don't use this as it goes very powdery and separates very easily. 

I also have a models own duo which I haven't used yet so I can't comment on it. 

I have a Clinique duo in the shade Victorian pink, the colours in this are so gorgeous, I think they'd be great for makeup on a night out. 

Next I have a fine glitter dust by Barry M in the shade 13. This is a gorgeous silvery, white mixed with light blue colour, it kind of reminds me of snowflakes! This would be great for on your eyes in the summer. I think these are similar to the Mac paint pots?! 

I also have a dazzle dust by Barry M. Sorry about the photo, it was a nightmare trying to take a photo of this as you can see it went absolutely everywhere and looks super messy! This is in the shade 24. It's a silvery grey kind of colour, I think this would be good for primeing your eyes when doing a smokey eye look. 


The first mascara I have is the fast lash volume shock mascara. I got this in a magazine but I haven't used it yet. 

I also have Maybelline lash sensational but I haven't used this yet. 

Another that I haven't used is the Rimmel extra 3D lash. 

From collection I have the lengthening mascara. This defines the lashes really well and it's great for a subtle look. I think this could be a great dupe for the benefit rollerlash!

Next is my everyday mascara and that's maybelline the falsies volume express mascara. This gives good volume and also length, but it can clump your lashes if you put too much on.

I also have a natural collection lash build mascara which gives good length and volume. 

Finally I have the benefit rollerlash. This is raved about so much, I don't find it amazing as it can clump my lashes if I apply too much but it can look really nice, it defines and gives a lot of length.


In the photo above I have the eyeliners: Barry M metallic liquid eyeliner, Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye definer, a thin models own pencil eyeliner, a jumbo models own sparkly black eyeliner, and a super soft eye crayon by Barry M. These 5 eyeliners I haven't actually used yet. 

Next I have the Rimmel scandaleyes, I'm not that keen on this as it comes out more of a grey black colour, so if I use this then I tend to go over it with a liquid eyeliner. It also comes off and fades very easily, and the pen applicator is extremly thin so it is very hard to apply. 

My all time favourite eyeliner is the soap and glory supercat. It's a pen applicator that is just the right size (sorry I couldn't get the top off to take a photo! Haha) and it comes out very black. The only problem is that it fades easily, so I tend to go over it with a liquid eyeliner in order for it to last. 

My first liquid eyeliner is from natural collection, this is okay but the applicator is like a brush so it's extremly thick meaning you get a very thick line out of it. 

My favourite liquid eyeliner is the collection fast stroke eyeliner. This was only a few pound and the applicator is the perfect size, it's extremely black and lasts on your eyes all day, it doesn't budge! 


Finally for the eyebrow section, first off I have the soap and glory brow archery. I bought this the other day so I haven't used it yet, I bought it to replace my Mac brow pencil which I will be talking about next. 

I have the Mac eye brows. This is my everyday eyebrow pencil as it's the perfect shade for my brows, and it's super easy and quick to use! 

I also have the color riche eye brow pencil from L'oreal Paris. I really don't like this as the pencil is very thick, meaning it creates massive fake looking eyebrows, and the colour is way to dark for me. 

I have the Rimmel professional brow pencil. I'm not that keen on the ordinary brow pencils as I think they create a really harsh eyebrow look, so I don't tend to use this very much anymore. 

I also have the collection work the colour eyebrow kit. I used to use this everyday , but since then I've found that the Mac pencil is better for me. This is quite time consuming, and rubs off very easily. You also get a clear mascara with this which is good. 

Finally I have a collection clear mascara. I use this to tame my brows and get the shape I want. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

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