Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back to school haul!

Hey guys, so this is probably a bit late for most of you, but I've only just gone back to school today! New school stationary and a new bag always helps me to look forward to school a tiny bit, so I thought I'd share with you what I've bought. 

So first off the pens, I picked up a pack of 5 biros in both blue and black, from wilkinson. I think these were around 85p each! Bargain! 

Next I bought a pack of sharpie highlighters, these really intreged me as they claim to have a 'smear guard' so my pen shouldn't be smudged when I highlight over it. I ordered these from Amazon, and got them reduced to £2, as all of the shops I went into were sold out of them. 

Finally in the pen department, I picked up these papermate inkjoy pens. These were £3 from wilkinson, which is great as there's such a vast array of colours.

Next I picked up a tipex from poundland as this is always useful to have in school. 

From whsmiths I picked up this bright pink ruler for £1.09. 

I picked up my pencil case from cath kidston, which I think was about £8. I'm in love with this as it's the perfect size for all of my stationary and I love the colour. 

I also bought a matching glasses case! This excited me so much! This was around £14.

From whsmiths I also bought a clear zip folder which has white spots on (do you see the spot theme I have going on here!) it's useful because it's see through so you can see what work you have in there. 

Finally for the best bit... My bag! I literally looked everywhere for a school bag, and my last shop I went into was river island. I can always rely on river island for a school bag, as they have such a lovely variety. As soon as I layed my eyes on this I loved it. The size is perfect, it has a massive middle compartment with a button you close it with, and then two separate compartments at the back and front with a zip, and more compartments inside the bag. It's a perfect sized bag for school and I think it will last me the whole year as its great quality. It also has a long strap to hold it on your shoulder, and then two smaller handles. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! And good luck in your new year at school/college/uni! 

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  1. A lovely back to school haul! Those inkjoy pens look perfect for doodling with too :)

  2. Absolutely loving that bag! I wish my school bag was as fancy as yours :P
    I love shopping for school supply though, pens and notebooks and all that..=D x

    1. I'm in love with my bag too! You certainly don't need a fancy bag seeing as though its only school! Haha! I think the stationary just gets me excited! x

  3. I love this post- got to love stationary shopping! That ruler is great btw- it has lasted me ages and still looks as good as new x

    1. I'm obsessed with stationary shopping!! Ooh bingo, love a good ruler! ;) x