Sunday, 27 September 2015

My makeup collection // lips

Hey guys, so today I'm here with my lipstick collection! This is the 3rd post in my makeup collection series, you can find the other two posts here and here

First of all, I will show you my 3 Mac lipsticks. The first is brave, it's fairly matte and it lasts on the lips for quite a while. It's really wearable and goes with many makeup looks, I think this would be a great one for autumn as its one of the more darker nudes. 

The second is ramblin rose, I did a blog post reviewing this which you will find here. It's a lovely colour for the summer, although I'm not that keen on the frost finish. 

My final one is sunny seoul. This is another one for the summer, it's not very bold, so it's super wearable and it's more of a moisturising formula on the lips. 

I also have two baby lips, the first in the shade pink punch. I'm not that keen on this as it doesn't suit my skin tone, although they're both very moisturising. 

I also have one from the electro range, although I don't know the colour of this.

I have a pink primark lipstick that I'm not keen on as it defines chapped lips, I also don't know the shade of this. 

The next one is from the Rimmel range keep calm and carry on partying. It's perfect for autumn, and it's quite moisturising, this is in the shade  050 violet blush. 

Next I have a 17 lasting fix lipstick in the shade hot chilli, which is perfect for Autumn. 

Another lipstick perfect for Autumn, is the collection lasting colour lipstick in the shade 3 sugar plum. This is probably my favourite autumnal lipstick, and I always choose to wear this. It's moisturising but it has a slightly matte finish which is perfect. 

Next for the lip pens and crayons. All of these smell amazing!! 
The top one is the max factor lip finite lasting lip tint. This is in the shade 07, I'm not that keen on this as I don't like the colour or the finish, but it certainly does last ages- it never fades!

I have a Rimmel lasting finish colour rush, in the shade 00 give me a cuddle. This is one of my favourite summer lip products, it's always my go to during the summer. 

Finally I have a Barry m lip lacquer crayon in the shade 03. This is my go to lip product for Christmas parties, because it has a slight shimmer which is perfect. 

Next for the glosses. 
I have a models own lipgloss. I don't know the shade of this, but I use this to go over red lipsticks as it gives it more of a subtle finish. It smells like sherbet, which has to be one of the best smells!!

I then have a technic lip gloss, I don't know the shade of this, but it isn't coloured, so I don't use it very often. 

Now for the Barry M glosses, unfortunately non of these say the shade, but the first is another that's smells like sherbet! It's a bright red shade that's really moisturising. 

Next is my first limited edition lip gloss, this one is said to smell like strawberry shortcake and it certainly does! It's a sheer light pink colour with subtle sparkles. 

The final is another limited edition one, which is a sheer nude, perfect to make any matte lipstick glossy. 

I then have a collection cream puff in the shade powder puff 2. I really don't like this, the shade makes me look super pale, and I hate the formula! It's quite thick, not very moisturising at all, and it sticks to chapped lips. 

Finally I have a 17 ultimate volume lip gloss, it doesn't say the shade of this, but I absolutely love it and it does make your lips volumised!

I hope you've enjoyed this post! Comment below your favourite lip product! 

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

My makeup collection // eyes & brows

Hey guys! So today I'm here with my second post in my makeup collection series, sharing with you my eye and eyebrow products I own. My first makeup collection post was my face products, which you can find here.

Eye shadow:

First of all I have the collection eyes undercovered nude palette. I don't tend to wear eyeshadow much, but I love these they're very subtle and you can create some lovely looks. I did a post showing you one of the looks I created which you can find here

Next I have a natural collection duo in the shade mink/sable. I don't use this as it goes very powdery and separates very easily. 

I also have a models own duo which I haven't used yet so I can't comment on it. 

I have a Clinique duo in the shade Victorian pink, the colours in this are so gorgeous, I think they'd be great for makeup on a night out. 

Next I have a fine glitter dust by Barry M in the shade 13. This is a gorgeous silvery, white mixed with light blue colour, it kind of reminds me of snowflakes! This would be great for on your eyes in the summer. I think these are similar to the Mac paint pots?! 

I also have a dazzle dust by Barry M. Sorry about the photo, it was a nightmare trying to take a photo of this as you can see it went absolutely everywhere and looks super messy! This is in the shade 24. It's a silvery grey kind of colour, I think this would be good for primeing your eyes when doing a smokey eye look. 


The first mascara I have is the fast lash volume shock mascara. I got this in a magazine but I haven't used it yet. 

I also have Maybelline lash sensational but I haven't used this yet. 

Another that I haven't used is the Rimmel extra 3D lash. 

From collection I have the lengthening mascara. This defines the lashes really well and it's great for a subtle look. I think this could be a great dupe for the benefit rollerlash!

Next is my everyday mascara and that's maybelline the falsies volume express mascara. This gives good volume and also length, but it can clump your lashes if you put too much on.

I also have a natural collection lash build mascara which gives good length and volume. 

Finally I have the benefit rollerlash. This is raved about so much, I don't find it amazing as it can clump my lashes if I apply too much but it can look really nice, it defines and gives a lot of length.


In the photo above I have the eyeliners: Barry M metallic liquid eyeliner, Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye definer, a thin models own pencil eyeliner, a jumbo models own sparkly black eyeliner, and a super soft eye crayon by Barry M. These 5 eyeliners I haven't actually used yet. 

Next I have the Rimmel scandaleyes, I'm not that keen on this as it comes out more of a grey black colour, so if I use this then I tend to go over it with a liquid eyeliner. It also comes off and fades very easily, and the pen applicator is extremly thin so it is very hard to apply. 

My all time favourite eyeliner is the soap and glory supercat. It's a pen applicator that is just the right size (sorry I couldn't get the top off to take a photo! Haha) and it comes out very black. The only problem is that it fades easily, so I tend to go over it with a liquid eyeliner in order for it to last. 

My first liquid eyeliner is from natural collection, this is okay but the applicator is like a brush so it's extremly thick meaning you get a very thick line out of it. 

My favourite liquid eyeliner is the collection fast stroke eyeliner. This was only a few pound and the applicator is the perfect size, it's extremely black and lasts on your eyes all day, it doesn't budge! 


Finally for the eyebrow section, first off I have the soap and glory brow archery. I bought this the other day so I haven't used it yet, I bought it to replace my Mac brow pencil which I will be talking about next. 

I have the Mac eye brows. This is my everyday eyebrow pencil as it's the perfect shade for my brows, and it's super easy and quick to use! 

I also have the color riche eye brow pencil from L'oreal Paris. I really don't like this as the pencil is very thick, meaning it creates massive fake looking eyebrows, and the colour is way to dark for me. 

I have the Rimmel professional brow pencil. I'm not that keen on the ordinary brow pencils as I think they create a really harsh eyebrow look, so I don't tend to use this very much anymore. 

I also have the collection work the colour eyebrow kit. I used to use this everyday , but since then I've found that the Mac pencil is better for me. This is quite time consuming, and rubs off very easily. You also get a clear mascara with this which is good. 

Finally I have a collection clear mascara. I use this to tame my brows and get the shape I want. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post!

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Sunday, 13 September 2015

My makeup collection // face

Hey guys! So I've been wanting to do this post for a while and only just got around to it. A lot of people show their makeup collection, but I thought I'd do it differently. I am splitting it into 4 different posts, one for my face products, another for my eyes and brows, one for my lips, and finally one for my brushes. This way I can explain every product I own and do a mini review of each of them for you, rather than just showing what I own. 


I own two primers, the first one is the rimmel lasting finish primer. I use this everyday, I've had it for ages and I still have loads left in the tube. This really does help my makeup stay on for most of the day, as long as it's paired with the foundation and powder in this range. I did a blog post reviewing them so you can see that here.  

Next I have the rimmel fix and perfect pro primer. I don't use this one as much as it doesn't help keep my makeup on for as long as the other one mentioned, so it's good for short trips out. 


I own two concealers, the first one is from natural collection. I think this was only a few pound so it's great if your just starting out with makeup. I would say it's medium coverage and it does last on the face for a few hours. 

I finally have the concealer that everyone raves about the collection lasting perfection. I'm actually not that keen on this, it's a very thick formula, it is fairly high coverage, it's very hard to blend, it can look cakey and it does crease. It lasts for a few hours without looking shiny so it certainly isn't 16 hour wear as it claims to be. 

BB creams:

I have two BB creams, the first is the Maybelline dream pure BB cream. I'm not that keen on BB creams as if I'm wearing makeup I would rather it be full coverage otherwise I wouldn't wear any. 

Next I have a mini Rimmel BB cream, I haven't actually used this yet so I can't comment on it. 


First of all its my holy grail everyday foundation. The Rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation. I wear this everyday for school and it lasts me nearly all day. It is fairly high coverage and very buildable. 

I also have the Mac Pro long wear foundation.  I bought this when I was in America so I saved some money on it, but I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on it. 


My first powder is the Rimmel lasting finish 25 hr powder. I use this on an everyday basis as it helps keep my face matte for most of the school day, and it's great as it also gives extra coverage, and it's buildable. 

I also have two of the Rimmel stay matte powders. One of them the packaging has broken so I keep this at home, and the other I keep in my makeup bag. This looks cakey and goes shiny on my face very easily so I'm not that keen on it. 

Bronzer & blush:

I have two bronzers, the first one is the maybelline master sculpt. I got this in the lightest shade which probably wasn't a good idea as it is extremely subtle and I can't tell I've got it on, however I can build it up but it is a long process. If your thinking about picking it up, I would advise you to get the darkest shade unless you have extremly pale skin, I have fairly pale skin and the lightest shade doesn't show up. The highlighter isn't the best either, it's very glittery and sparkley. I wouldn't repurchase this for £6.99. 

The next bronzer I have is the 17 instant glow bronzing pearls. I love these, they add a really nice colour to my face, and define cheekbones very well. 

I have one blusher and it's from MUA. I love this blush, it was only £1, I bought it in the shade lolly and it's super pigmented! It stays on your cheeks all day it's just amazing. 

Setting sprays: 

I only have one setting spray, and that's the makeup revolution pro fix oil control fixing spray. It is supposed to keep your makeup on for 24 hours, however it only keeps it on for a few hours. I don't like this very much because when you spray it, it's a liquid so it separates all of your makeup and leaves you with that look. I therefore don't use it on my face, but for keeping eyebrows on its amazing! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped! 
Comment below your favourite base makeup product! 

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Back to school haul!

Hey guys, so this is probably a bit late for most of you, but I've only just gone back to school today! New school stationary and a new bag always helps me to look forward to school a tiny bit, so I thought I'd share with you what I've bought. 

So first off the pens, I picked up a pack of 5 biros in both blue and black, from wilkinson. I think these were around 85p each! Bargain! 

Next I bought a pack of sharpie highlighters, these really intreged me as they claim to have a 'smear guard' so my pen shouldn't be smudged when I highlight over it. I ordered these from Amazon, and got them reduced to £2, as all of the shops I went into were sold out of them. 

Finally in the pen department, I picked up these papermate inkjoy pens. These were £3 from wilkinson, which is great as there's such a vast array of colours.

Next I picked up a tipex from poundland as this is always useful to have in school. 

From whsmiths I picked up this bright pink ruler for £1.09. 

I picked up my pencil case from cath kidston, which I think was about £8. I'm in love with this as it's the perfect size for all of my stationary and I love the colour. 

I also bought a matching glasses case! This excited me so much! This was around £14.

From whsmiths I also bought a clear zip folder which has white spots on (do you see the spot theme I have going on here!) it's useful because it's see through so you can see what work you have in there. 

Finally for the best bit... My bag! I literally looked everywhere for a school bag, and my last shop I went into was river island. I can always rely on river island for a school bag, as they have such a lovely variety. As soon as I layed my eyes on this I loved it. The size is perfect, it has a massive middle compartment with a button you close it with, and then two separate compartments at the back and front with a zip, and more compartments inside the bag. It's a perfect sized bag for school and I think it will last me the whole year as its great quality. It also has a long strap to hold it on your shoulder, and then two smaller handles. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! And good luck in your new year at school/college/uni! 

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

DIY sun tattoo

Hey guys, so if you read my last post (my Tenerife photo diary) you will know I've been away on holiday. And whilst I was there, I thought I would try and get a sun tattoo! It turned out super pretty, so I thought I'd share with you how to do it! 

Things you will need:

- Scissors
- A pencil
- Stickers 


1. First of all, you will need to draw a shape (I chose a heart) on the back/the side you peel off on one of your stickers. 

2. You will then need to cut out this shape, and this will now be your stencil. 

3. You can then use this stencil as a guide to draw the shape on the rest of your stickers, so they are all the same size. I made 14 of them, and I went on a 7 day holiday, so this gave me 2 to use per day. 

4. You will need to cut all of these out, and you are now ready to use them! 

5. When your on holiday, or somewhere sunny, you will be able to use them. But make sure you have put suncream on around and even underneath it, as it is quite easy to burn around the sticker. You can then stick your sticker wherever you want the sun tattoo to be, I chose my hip, and then keep it there all day if your sunbathing, and obviously replace it with another one if it falls off! Just make sure you have enough. 

And then by the end of your holiday you will have your sun tattoo! It's basically a tan line in a chosen shape, but I think they look super tumblr and cute. They will obviously stand out and be more obvious the longer you are away for, as mine is quite faint after a weeks holiday. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and it's helped!

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tenerife // photo diary

Hey guys! I went on holiday for a week in the summer, and today I thought I'd show you some of my holiday snaps! 
I went to Tenerife, and had an amazing time! The weather was perfect and I loved every minute. My favourite thing about going on holiday is just chilling by the pool, walks along the beach and of course the food... Especially ice cream! I hope you enjoy some of these photos im sharing with you!

I hope you've enjoyed this travel post! 

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