Sunday, 5 July 2015

Triangl bikini dupe?!

Hey guys, so I've literally forever been dreaming of a triangl bikini, until I recently 100% came to the conclusion they are way out of my price range. So I'd done a lot of research into trying to find a dupe, and that's when I found this bikini! 

I found this on amazon, it's the first one that comes up when searching triangl bikini. I chose it in the pink colour, and the colour is not exactly what it looks like on the website. It looks much brighter and vibrant on the website but in real life it's much more of a lightly boring pink colour. It has all of the black lines/piping like the triangl, and it's near enough the same shape. 

An extra advantage of this bikini is that the straps come off, whereas on the triangl bikinis I don't think there is an option to take them off. 

The top has some padding and wire in. I would advise going a size up, as I'm usually around a 6 on both top and bottom, the top fits perfectly but the bottoms come rather small, however I think they are supposed to be tight and not baggy like some swimwear pieces. 

I got this for around £8, which i think is amazing in comparison to the real triangl ones which are around £70!! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and its helped you! 

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  1. That is so similar to the Triangl ones and for that price too! I found one in Primark quite recently thats like them too, I might have to go take a peek at these! They're such beautiful bikini's!

    Eloise x // mallow

    1. I noticed one in primark too! But I'm so happy with this for the price! X

  2. The pink color is still lovely...👌