Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Random haul // tiger, superdrug & more

Hey guys, so I've been doing a lot of shopping recently, mostly clothing which I will be showing you in another blog post soon, but for now I'm going to show you the other bits I bought. 

After a lot of people rave about the shop tiger, I finally found one the other day and so I went in. I bought this waterproof phone case which will be great for a summer holiday, as I will be able to take photos underwater. I've seen these on Amazon for around £20, so when I saw this for £3 I was extremely happy!! 

Also from tiger, I picked up a new pair of scissors as I couldn't resist this pretty strawberry pattern for £4. 

From new look, I noticed this beautiful watermelon cup. I think I have an obsession with cups, whenever I notice pretty ones like this I have to buy them!! This was £7.99. 

Next I picked up Charlotte Crosby's autobiography, as I absolutely love her and find her hilarious in Geordie shore (my favourite program that never fails to make me laugh!!) I've started reading this and it's so funny! 

Also I bought Louise's book, life with a sprinkle of glitter. I read this in under a week, and it was great, I couldn't put it down!! I love how pretty each page is decorated! 

Finally a little beauty item I picked up,  this makeup revolution pro fix oil control fixing spray. I'm super excited to use this as I'm hoping it will keep my makeup from going shiny during the day. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! 

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Spring & Summer lip picks

Hey guys, so I've done two other blog posts a while ago in this 'lip picks' topic which you will find here and here. But I thought it would be a good idea to show you my favourite lip products for Spring and Summer, although this is probably a bit late considering we have already had Spring and we are currently in Summer, but oh well!

1. The bright lip 
When thinking about summer lip shades, I automatically think of pink colours. 
I have two to show you today, the first one is a rimmel lasting finish colour rush in the shade 100 give me a cuddle. This is a lovely bold pink colour, and it lasts a while on the lips. It's a chubby stick, and is glossy which I think is great for summer, it also smells amazing which is a bonus!! 

I'm going to show you another one of my favourite pink lip colours, and this one is from primark but unfortunately it doesn't say what the shade is. It's pretty similar to the one above, but it's a bit brighter, and for £1 you can't go wrong! 

2. Rose gold lip
Also this season, rose gold has been very fashionable, and it looks stunning on the lips. I have a mac lipstick in the shade ramblin rose. It's such a stunning colour, it's a frost lipstick so it also has bits of glitter in, which I think is perfect for the summer. I did a review on this which you will find here.
The picture for this isn't the best, and the colour has changed slightly because of the bad lighting, so if you have a look at my review for this lipstick you will see more of a realistic picture for it. 

I hope this post has helped you!

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Product empties // July

Hey guys, so over the past few months I've been collecting products that I've used up, and thought I would make a blog post on them. 

First of all its this hollister silver strand beach body spray. It smells incredible and it's such a summery scent, however the hollister sprays are quite expensive for a body spray, although they are definitely worth it. 
Would I repurchase? Yes!! 

Next is the simple replenishing rich moisturiser. This feels quite heavy and thick on the skin, so I used this as an evening moisturiser, and it was perfect at keeping my skin free from dry spots. 
Would I repurchase? Yes! 

The next three products are all from the body shop. First of all its the strawberry shower gel. This smells so nice and it's a lovely scent for the summer, however it's super expensive for a shower gel. 
Would I repurchase? No, mainly because of the price. 

Next I have the ginger anti dandruff shampoo. This actually smells surprisingly nice, and it really does work at getting rid of dandruff and also makes your hair look super soft and shiny.  
Would I repurchase? Yes

Finally I have the banana conditioner. This claims to be for 'soft and tangle free hair'. It smells extremely sweet, and can be a bit of a sickly scent. I don't think this does an amazing job, and it doesn't do anything else that normal conditioners don't do. 
Would I repurchase? No 

I hope this post has been helpful!

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Belgium // photo diary

Hey guys, so I recently visited Belgium for 4 days on a school trip for my history controlled assessment. We visited WW1 battlefields, and many other sites to do with WW1 such as the biggest English cemetery's. I didn't take many photos whilst I was there, but the ones I did take, I thought I'd share with you. 

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Skincare haul!

Hey guys, so I've recently been doing a lot of shopping for skincare items, in aim to get my skin summer ready! Especially my face as I want it a clear for the summer, as I don't like wearing too much makeup in the summer. 

So first of all, I bought the Zoella scrubbing me softly body scrub from her new range. I haven't used this yet, but I've smelt it and the scent is amazing! It's definitely a summer scent, and it's great for removing dead skin all over your body. 

Next, for my face I bought the simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes. I bought a small pack of these as I'm going on a school trip next week, so I needed a travel friendly sized pack. 

Also for my trip, I bought a small bottle of the simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser. I've used this before, and it's a great light moisturiser perfect for the summer. 

From the simple spotless skin range, I bought the blackhead eliminating facial wash. I haven't used this yet, but I'm hoping it's going to get rid of some of my black heads!! If you've used this before then comment below your opinions on it! 

Finally, also from the spotless skin range, I bought the anti blemish moisturiser. I've been using this for a few weeks now, and I really think it's helped clear my skin. It hasn't got rid of my spots completely, but it certainly has got rid of some of them! 

I hope you've enjoyed this haul!

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Triangl bikini dupe?!

Hey guys, so I've literally forever been dreaming of a triangl bikini, until I recently 100% came to the conclusion they are way out of my price range. So I'd done a lot of research into trying to find a dupe, and that's when I found this bikini! 

I found this on amazon, it's the first one that comes up when searching triangl bikini. I chose it in the pink colour, and the colour is not exactly what it looks like on the website. It looks much brighter and vibrant on the website but in real life it's much more of a lightly boring pink colour. It has all of the black lines/piping like the triangl, and it's near enough the same shape. 

An extra advantage of this bikini is that the straps come off, whereas on the triangl bikinis I don't think there is an option to take them off. 

The top has some padding and wire in. I would advise going a size up, as I'm usually around a 6 on both top and bottom, the top fits perfectly but the bottoms come rather small, however I think they are supposed to be tight and not baggy like some swimwear pieces. 

I got this for around £8, which i think is amazing in comparison to the real triangl ones which are around £70!! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and its helped you! 

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