Sunday, 28 June 2015

Summer primark haul

Hey guys! So I've recently taken a visit to primark (aka the best shop for summer clothes) to pick up some summer clothing items. Summer clothes are seriously my weakness!! I'm obsessed and they're all so pretty so I had to try and limit myself haha! 

So first of all is probably one out of my favourite items I picked up. It's this beautiful orange layered vest top. It has a round neck, and there are two straps each side which cross over at the back making it look even prettier. It is slightly cropped and has white pom poms at the bottom of each layer. The colour and style are just perfect for summer even if your not going on holiday. This was £6. (It was extremely hard to take a photo of, because of the bright colour it made the lighting go extremely dark! So sorry there's no photo!) 

Next to go with this top is my final favourite item I picked up, a pair of patterned shorts. These are really fashionable at the minute and I see loads of people wearing them. The pattern is so pretty, and the orange goes perfectly with the top. They're also quite baggy which is unusual but I really like them. Also unlike most shorts they're not extremely short. I think these were about £5! 

Another pair of shorts I picked up also has the pom pom detailing at the bottom.  I literally couldn't decide which colour to get these. I went with the mint green colour, they also had them in bright/neon pink and a light purple. Again these aren't too short, they're super light and comfy so great for the summer, and such a bargain at £3! 

Next I bought this gorgeous jumpsuit/playsuit. I literally couldn't get over the pattern, it's so pretty and the colours go extremely well together and it's great for summer. It's super light and flowy, I think it would also be easy to either dress up or down. This was also around £5 I think. 

I also picked up this coverup kind of thing. It has little shapes cut out of it that you can see through, so I picked this up for over a bikini on holidays when your going to the pool or beach. When I saw this in the shop it looked quite long more like a dress, but it is extremely short so I would advise going a size up if you want it to be a suitable length for a  dress. It is so pretty and will look really effective over the top of a bikini and for £6 it's a great buy. 

Finally I picked up these stunning flip flops. The colour and pattern is just great for the summer and for £1.50 you can't go wrong. 

I hope you've enjoyed this haul! 

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