Sunday, 14 June 2015

Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish range

Hey guys, so I've recently been using products from the rimmel lasting finish range. I've been searching for some base makeup products that last all day, as it's now summer and there's nothing worse than being at school when your makeup melts and it just ends up making your face extremely shiny. 

First of all I'm going to talk about the foundation. I got this in the colour Ivory, which is probably too light for my skin tone, but the powder balances the colour out. The range of shades in the foundations are not great, as it goes from light to dark. There isn't really much of an in between colour which is what I need. However the colour Ivory lightens my face and makes it look brighter so it's actually okay. 
It's a dewey foundation, and can be rather shiny without a powder. For a foundation, it smells amazing. I wouldn't recommend this for dry skin, as it does kind of stick to the skin, so it emphasises dry patches or parts where your skin may be a little flaky. I have combination skin, it rubs in amazingly on the oily parts, however on the dryer parts it is pretty difficult. 
I would say it's a medium coverage foundation, but is very easily built up. It can be quite difficult to work with in big areas, so I would say this would actually work better as a concealer. 
It claims to last 25 hours which I don't agree with as it only lasts a few hours on its own, without the primer and powder. It also has SPF 20 which of course is even better for the summer. 

Next I'm going to talk about the primer.  this claims to increase foundation wear for up to 8 hours. I agree with this as this primer definitely keeps my makeup on throughout the day. The primer is white so it doesn't give coverage, it acts a bit like a moisturiser. 

Finally it's the powder. I got this in the shade 002 soft beige and it claims to last 25 hours which I don't agree with, it lasts around 8 hours and then becomes extremely shiny. There isn't a transparent one, so this powder gives coverage which means it's great for those patches where the foundation doesn't quite rub in as well as in other parts. It mattifies the foundation which is great if you already have oily skin so you don't want a dewey foundation. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you. 
Comment below if you have any questions about these products I've mentioned. 

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