Sunday, 21 June 2015

4 ways to style a basic tee!

Hey guys, so today I've got a different kind of post, and I'm going to be showing you 4 ways to style a basic tee. I have a few of these and they're great for chilled summer days, and they look even better once they're styled differently. 

So first of all you need to put your basic tee on. I'm using this I heart NY one which I got from New York City. 

1. Rolled sleeves look
Now if your tee has super long sleeves like mine does as it's quite big for me, then all you need to do is roll the sleeves up as high as you want them. This makes it look so much more effective, and makes it look a bit more fitted. 

2. Tucked in look
Now if it's super long or big for you, tucking it into some leggings or high wasted jeans will make it look much better. 

3. Cropped hipster look
For the summer, I love wearing cropped tops, so I thought I could turn this into one. It's super hard to explain, but it's really easy to do. You basically just need to get the excess from the bottom and pull it up to the length you want it, bring it all to the side, and get a thin hair bobble, a clear one would look much better, and tie it on. You can pull the top bit slightly over so you can't see the hair tie, which is what I kind of did. 

4. Cropped tucked in look 
Now for this, you need to do the same as what you did for number 3, and then just tuck the excess bit at the side in. This means that you can't see the bobble, it looks more of a messy tucked in cropped top look. 

I hope you've enjoyed this different kind of post and I hope it's helped! 
Comment below which one is your favourite look and how you style basic tees!

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