Sunday, 10 May 2015

Simple nude eye makeup look

Hey guys, so I've never done a makeup tutorial post, and I've recently started experimenting with eyeshadow. I bought my first eye shadow palette, which is the Collection eyes under covered nude palette. I've been loving this look so I thought I'd share it with you. 

So the colours on this palette from left to right: white chocolate, buttercream, biscuit, chocolate milk, brown sugar and espresso. 

First of all I used white chocolate at a base. I then put around two layers of buttercream on which gives a lovely shimmery cream coloured look. I then used chocolate milk in the crease to give a bit more of a colour, and then finally went over that using a tiny bit of espresso. I also blended this onto my bottom lash line. You don't want to use much of this colour because it is really dark, so make sure you only have a tiny bit on your brush. 

I then attempted the flick at the end of my eye using a models own black pencil eyeliner. It actually went quite well for me! 

And to finish my look off I added quite a few coats of mascara, using the collection lengthening mascara. This is one of my favourites at the minute as it gives great definition and length at the same time. 

My final look:
(I have edited this photo to make it brighter, so the look is a bit darker)

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys! Let me know if you want more of these!

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  1. This palette looks so good as i am a big fan of neutral shades! I love the look you have created as it is so shimmery and would look good as a daily look or in the evening. Definitely need to check this out in Superdrug! :) xx

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    1. It is a great palette, especially for people like me who can't pull of the bright shades! :) xx

  2. love this look! so natural and versatile the type I usually wear:)
    Emily x