Sunday, 3 May 2015

10 things to do in NYC

Hey guys, so as you would know if you've been reading my recent blog posts, over Easter I went on a trip to New York City. So today I thought I would create a list of things you can't miss out on whilst visiting NYC. 

1. Times Square
This was probably one of my favourite parts because I loved the busy, bustling atmosphere - and of course the shops. 

2. The Rockefeller centre 
We went up to the observation deck, and the views were amazing - especially if you go at night time, you can see the city all lit up it, it looks super pretty especially the Empire State. 

3. Empire State 
The views are absolutely amazing, I think we went up to around the 86th floor. 

4. Ground zero / the World Trade Center
The grounds at the 9/11 memorial were beautiful, it's so breathtaking. 

5. Brooklyn bridge
Taking a stroll across Brooklyn bridge is lovely, there are also some great views from here. 

6. Statue of Liberty 
Of course you can't miss out lady liberty! We didn't actually go onto the island, but we got a boat tour around, and we had some great photo opportunities. 

7. Grand central
Grand central station is so busy, but the architecture of the station is amazing. There's also a lovely little market in there. 

8. Central Park 
Central Park is stunning, it's a great time to grab a pizza and take a slow walk around. It's also great taking in the busy atmosphere around you.

9. Art museums 
There are loads of museums in New York, we didn't actually go and visit any, but I would imagine they're a great place to visit. 

10. Intrepid sea & air space museum 
A military history museum with a collection of museum ships. We also went onto a submarine that was used during the war. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you!!

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