Sunday, 31 May 2015

6 current drugstore favourites

Hey guys, so today I'm back showing you some beauty items from the drugstore I've been loving recently. 

First of all is the only blush I own (I don't need anymore as this is perfect)!! It is quite a bright pink, but at the same time is quite subtle. It's great for the summer as it gives a lovely glow, and stays on the cheeks all day!! For £1 it's perfect. 

I've recently started using eyeshadow, so I picked up this collection eyes under covered nude palette, and I've been loving it. It has beautiful neutral colours in, and I have a few go to looks using these eyeshadows. I did a tutorial on one the other day, so if you scroll down you will find it. For £4 you can't go wrong. 

Next is this natural collection concealer. This is the only concealer I own as it does the perfect job. I believe it was only around £1.99, so if your on a budget this is great. The coverage isn't the best, but it can be built up. It's better for covering spots rather than under the eyes. 

Next I have 3 products from the rimmel lasting finish 25 hour collection. I am going to do a separate blog post reviewing these three items, so I won't go into a lot of detail. First of all is the primer, which works wanders, and this is what helps this look stay on all day, which is what you want in the hot summer months when makeup just melts off. 
Next is the foundation, this is currently my favourite foundation. It is quite dewey, altough can be mattified with the powder I am going to talk about next. This is a great coverage foundation, and it can be easily built up. It also gives a nice glow - which is perfect for summer, and the smell... It's amazing. 
Finally the powder. They don't do this powder in transparent, so it also gives coverage. This is my favourite powder, it works so well. You also don't need much of it, so it doesn't get used up very quickly. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you. 
Comment below if you have any questions about these products I've mentioned. 

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

My first ever Mac lipstick!

Hey guys! So I know I haven't posted on my blog in around 2 weeks, I've had a break!  But I'm back, and if you didn't already know i visited New York last month, and everything in mac was an absolute bargain, so I had to make the most of it, and I bought my first ever mac products. 

The first mac product I bought that I will be showing you today, is the lipstick in the shade Ramblin' rose. 
Its a beautiful coral shade, with gold shimmer. I would say it's a rose gold colour. This shade is absolutely perfect for summer, as it has the coral and the shimmer in. It's a frost finish, but the only downside to this lipstick is it only lasts on the lips for just over an hour, so you need to keep re applying it. It is quite moisturising, but you can faintly see any chaps in your lips with this on. I think this would look amazing with a tan, or for those with darker skin tones, but I have pale skin and I think it looks just as good. 
The scent is also really nice which is unusual for a lipstick!  
From the packaging you can tell it's a higher end lipstick, you can see that it's good quality but that's what you expect when your paying £15.50 for a lipstick. 
However, putting the packaging aside, I think mac lipsticks are just pretty much the same as drugstore ones, which I find weird as they're raved about so much. The huge variety of colours is pretty impressive though, and there's definitely no where near that many in boots. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys! If you have I will be reviewing some of my other mac products very shortly. 

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Simple nude eye makeup look

Hey guys, so I've never done a makeup tutorial post, and I've recently started experimenting with eyeshadow. I bought my first eye shadow palette, which is the Collection eyes under covered nude palette. I've been loving this look so I thought I'd share it with you. 

So the colours on this palette from left to right: white chocolate, buttercream, biscuit, chocolate milk, brown sugar and espresso. 

First of all I used white chocolate at a base. I then put around two layers of buttercream on which gives a lovely shimmery cream coloured look. I then used chocolate milk in the crease to give a bit more of a colour, and then finally went over that using a tiny bit of espresso. I also blended this onto my bottom lash line. You don't want to use much of this colour because it is really dark, so make sure you only have a tiny bit on your brush. 

I then attempted the flick at the end of my eye using a models own black pencil eyeliner. It actually went quite well for me! 

And to finish my look off I added quite a few coats of mascara, using the collection lengthening mascara. This is one of my favourites at the minute as it gives great definition and length at the same time. 

My final look:
(I have edited this photo to make it brighter, so the look is a bit darker)

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys! Let me know if you want more of these!

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

10 things to do in NYC

Hey guys, so as you would know if you've been reading my recent blog posts, over Easter I went on a trip to New York City. So today I thought I would create a list of things you can't miss out on whilst visiting NYC. 

1. Times Square
This was probably one of my favourite parts because I loved the busy, bustling atmosphere - and of course the shops. 

2. The Rockefeller centre 
We went up to the observation deck, and the views were amazing - especially if you go at night time, you can see the city all lit up it, it looks super pretty especially the Empire State. 

3. Empire State 
The views are absolutely amazing, I think we went up to around the 86th floor. 

4. Ground zero / the World Trade Center
The grounds at the 9/11 memorial were beautiful, it's so breathtaking. 

5. Brooklyn bridge
Taking a stroll across Brooklyn bridge is lovely, there are also some great views from here. 

6. Statue of Liberty 
Of course you can't miss out lady liberty! We didn't actually go onto the island, but we got a boat tour around, and we had some great photo opportunities. 

7. Grand central
Grand central station is so busy, but the architecture of the station is amazing. There's also a lovely little market in there. 

8. Central Park 
Central Park is stunning, it's a great time to grab a pizza and take a slow walk around. It's also great taking in the busy atmosphere around you.

9. Art museums 
There are loads of museums in New York, we didn't actually go and visit any, but I would imagine they're a great place to visit. 

10. Intrepid sea & air space museum 
A military history museum with a collection of museum ships. We also went onto a submarine that was used during the war. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you!!

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