Wednesday, 22 April 2015

NYC diary // day 2

Hey guys, I'm back with my New York City diary, showing you what I did on my second day!

Our second day was definitely our busiest. We had a tour around all of the big tourist attractions. But first we had to get some breakfast to keep us going, so we popped into another Starbucks. 

First of all we met our tour guide at the Empire State. We went up in the lift to the 86th floor! (Again our ears popped a few times!!) the views were amazing, this was so far my favourite part of New York.

We then had a bus tour around the city, and we got to ground zero. This was beautiful and so breathtaking. 

We then got onto a ferry, and got dropped off in Brooklyn - so of course we had to go across the Brooklyn bridge. We grabbed a slice of pizza, and a pretzel and started off our walk. Brooklyn bridge was beautiful, and the views from it were amazing! 

We then got back onto a ferry, that took us near to the Statue of Liberty!  We didn't get off on the island, altough it stopped so we had a very long photo opportunity. 

Our tour was then finished for the day, so we decided to take a walk to grand central station. The architecture in there is amazing!! It's a beautiful station. We also went into the small market in grand central station, the food looked amazing - especially the fruit! 

We then finished the day by going into Times Square at night to pop into a few shops. First in my agenda was Mac - obviously! And then I had to go into the massive Disney Store. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I got up to on my second day in New York City!

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