Sunday, 19 April 2015

NYC diary // day 1

Hey guys, so I thought showing you what I did whilst in New York City, would make a good few blog posts, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. 

We had to get up super early (at 4am) to go to the airport. We had to check in 3 hours before (because it was a long haul flight) and then we went to costa for breakfast in the airport.
We had lunch on the plane (which wasn't too good for me, as I'm not to keen on aeroplane food), and we were also given a mini box of snacks before we landed!

When we landed, it was around the middle of the day New York time. We grabbed a Starbucks (as there was one on pretty much every street!!) 
We walked through Times Square and socked up the atmosphere, as it was so busy!

We then walked to the Rockefeller and went up to the top in the lift (our ears popped a few times on the way up!) we stayed up there for around an hour so we could see the city as it went dark!

I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I did on my first day of New York! More posts coming soon for the rest of my trip :)

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  1. Lovely diary! I loved New York when I went, it's so beautiful :)