Sunday, 26 April 2015

New York City // my top travel tips

Hey guys, so I thought that a helpful post would be to give you some travel tips on travelling to New York. 

1. Take a big suitcase - even if it's empty. 
So if your only going for a few days, your not likely going to fill a large suitcase up of clothes. But if your a shopper like me, you certainly will by the time you've finished there - you need room for everything you buy!

2. Get a bus to & from the airport. 
We got taxis to and from the airport, but they're actually quite expensive. If your organised (and not likely to miss a bus) then try and find out some information on buses that can get you to the airport - as these can work out a lot cheaper!

3. Travel light. 
Only take clothes for the days your going. Don't take extra! If your in an emergency, and you need something desparate, it's a huge city so I'm 100% sure you will be able to find everything you need!

4. Check the weather before you go. 
The New York weather changes often. We checked the weather before we went, so we packed the right kind of clothes! If it's going to be hot, or cold, you need to know so you know what clothes to take. 

5. Take something waterproof (or an unberella). 
There would be nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of the city when it's chucking down with rain. Even if it's a thin coat it will keep you protected from the rain. Or even an unberella would help, as they're smaller so would take up less space in your suitcase. 

6. Take layers.
It's better to be warmer than cold! So if you wear layers you can easily take them off if you get too hot!

7. Try not to sleep when jet lagged. 
You need to try and adjust to the time zones, so you need to make sure your adjusted to local time when your land. For example don't fall asleep because it feels like the middle of the night in your home country but it's the day time in New York! 

8. Comfortable shoes. 
If your there for a short city break, then no doubt you will be cramming a lot of things into a short amount of time, so you will be doing tons of walking each day. There would be nothing worse than having uncomfortable footwear that give you blisters when walking miles and miles each day! 

9. Take minis
Take mini toiletries! There's no point taking big bottles of things when your only going for a few days, so this will make your suitcase lighter!

10. Always have your camera ready!
Finally, New York is such a photogenic place, and you certainly wouldn't want to miss one of those photogenic moments because you can't find your camera, would you?!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, and it's helped you!

Comment your favourite country you've ever been too!

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  1. Omg,I've just read all your NY posts,and I wanna go so so so so sooooo much! I love your blog :) xo

    1. Aw I'm glad you've read my posts :) it's such an amazing experience & of course an amazing city!! And thank you it means a lot :) xx

  2. These are such good tips! I want to go to NY sometime so i will definitely bear these tips in mind! Great post :D xx

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    1. I'm glad these helped!! I'm sure you would love New York :) xx