Wednesday, 15 April 2015

New York City haul // clothing, food & more

Hey guys, so today I'm doing my last New York City haul. And today I have a variety of things to show you, such as clothing items, food, souvenirs and more. 

First of all, from the Empire State gift shop, and other New York souvenier shops, I picked up a cute little postcard, a keyring, and a magnet. 

Next of course I had to pick up an 'I heart NY' top. I will probably just wear this for lazy days, but I love it! 

Then I went into Macy's, and I saw a huge nike section. I have wanted roshes for so long, I had to pick some up in New York, as I saved at least £30 on them. 

I also went into Bloomingdales, and I saw the big Marc Jacobs section. I spotted this phone case and was in love straight away! It's clear so you can see the back of your phone, but it's also quite jazzy with the baby blue writing on. 

I also had to go in the huge m&m world shop in Times Square, it was 3 stories high, full of m&ms. This was just heaven! I'm in love with these cute little cups with the straws, I have a huge collection. As soon as I saw this one, I had to pick it up! The pattern is so pretty, and it will remind me of New York because of the cute little yellow taxis on it. 

Finally, (if you didn't already know) I absolutely love peanut butter, so Reece's in Times Square was my favourite. I bought this big pack of Reece's pieces, along with loads of other smaller packs. 

I hope you enjoyed my last New York haul! I still have a few more New York posts coming up! 

Comment if you've ever been to New York City :)

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