Sunday, 29 March 2015

My travel survival kit

Hey guys! So today I'm here showing you what's in my travel survival kit. These are all kind of beauty items, and I keep them all in my hand luggage. 

1. Hand sanitizer & wet wipes 

These are both items that you need to keep your hands clean, as when your travelling you never feel the cleanest. Also wet wipes are an essential for accidents - especailly on the plane, there's nothing worse than spilling a drink all over you.

2. Moisturiser, hair brush & hair bobbles

I think everybody's skin gets super dry and dehydrated when travelling - especially on planes, and long haul planes are the worse. I would put some of my moisturiser into a small pot, and then I can keep applying it throughout my journey. Also I can't travel without a hair brush. Especially if you have long hair! I always keep my hair up so it's out of my face when travelling, but it's always useful to have extra hair bobbles. 

3. Body spray & hand cream

I love to smell fresh when travelling, and so I will take a mini spray with me. My hands also get super dry when travelling, so I will take a mini hand cream. I got these two items in a set for Christmas from boots. 

4. Mascara & lip balm

I don't usually wear makeup when travelling except from mascara. So here I have my all time favourite mascara, that I have mentioned tons of times in my previous posts. It's also essential to have a lip balm, so here I have the 'Rimmel keep calm and party' lipbalm. This will probably be the only lip product I take away with me, as it's a lip balm and lipstick all together - basically a tinted lip balm. It's really moisturising but also gives a lovely darkish purple colour, altough it's not too dark.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you! Comment below your travel essentials!

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  1. I love my tangle teezer, it's lovely! I've been meaning to buy 'Hand Maid' for a while, one of my friends has it and it smells great :)

    1. I couldn't live without my tangle teezer!! Hand maid is lovely x

  2. Came from insta! Love your blog