Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lip picks for moisturising

Hey guys, so I'm not sure if you remember, but a while ago I did a blog post with the same title, telling you all my favourite lip colours for autumn/winter (you will find that post HERE.) Well today's post is very similar, but I'm going to be showing you my favourite lip products for moisturised, soft lips.

1. Lip scrub 
To get rid of the flaky lips, it's best to use a lipscrub. This is the first step, before you put a balm on. My favourite is a lip scrub from lush, in the flavour popcorn. It was around £6, and it's really good. You just dip your finger into it, and rub it onto your lips, then you can either take it off with a wipe, of you can just lick it off, which is personally what I prefer to do, as it tastes AMAZING!!

2. Lip balm
You obviously need a good lip balm, and I have two favourites. They are both different to apply, and both feel different on the lips. First is the Nivea lip butter in raspberry rosè, this is a little pot, so you have to apply it with your fingers. I'm not keen in these types of lip balms, as I think they can get quite unhygienic. But this one is lovely, it smells really good and has a really nice consistency. It turns your lips a slight pink shade as well. 
Next is the blistex moisture max, I prefer this type of applicator, as you don't have to use your hands. This is really moisturising and certainly does it's job. It turns out clear on your lips, so it's perfect for all times. It has more of a runnier consistency compared to the Nivea one. But I definitely recommend this. 

3. Lipstick / gloss
Then of course to finish it off I had to include a lip colour. Because this post is about moisturising the lip, I thought I would include a lipgloss as they are a lot more moisturising than lipsticks. If you have dry cracked lips, lip glosses are way better as they don't show all of the cracks like lipsticks do. So my favourite lipgloss at the minute is a glossy tube by Barry M super shiny lip gloss. Unfortunately it doesn't say the colour on this tube, but it's a beautiful bright red colour, and the smell is absolutely amazing. It smells like a sweetshop!! I definitely reccommend this. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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