Sunday, 29 March 2015

My travel survival kit

Hey guys! So today I'm here showing you what's in my travel survival kit. These are all kind of beauty items, and I keep them all in my hand luggage. 

1. Hand sanitizer & wet wipes 

These are both items that you need to keep your hands clean, as when your travelling you never feel the cleanest. Also wet wipes are an essential for accidents - especailly on the plane, there's nothing worse than spilling a drink all over you.

2. Moisturiser, hair brush & hair bobbles

I think everybody's skin gets super dry and dehydrated when travelling - especially on planes, and long haul planes are the worse. I would put some of my moisturiser into a small pot, and then I can keep applying it throughout my journey. Also I can't travel without a hair brush. Especially if you have long hair! I always keep my hair up so it's out of my face when travelling, but it's always useful to have extra hair bobbles. 

3. Body spray & hand cream

I love to smell fresh when travelling, and so I will take a mini spray with me. My hands also get super dry when travelling, so I will take a mini hand cream. I got these two items in a set for Christmas from boots. 

4. Mascara & lip balm

I don't usually wear makeup when travelling except from mascara. So here I have my all time favourite mascara, that I have mentioned tons of times in my previous posts. It's also essential to have a lip balm, so here I have the 'Rimmel keep calm and party' lipbalm. This will probably be the only lip product I take away with me, as it's a lip balm and lipstick all together - basically a tinted lip balm. It's really moisturising but also gives a lovely darkish purple colour, altough it's not too dark.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you! Comment below your travel essentials!

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

What's in my hand luggage bag!

Hey guys, so today I'm here showing you what's in my hand luggage/carry on bag. Basically everything I take onto an aeroplane with me. I hope this is helpful for some of you, as summer is coming soon, so more people will be travelling. 

This is my mini suitcase I take onto a plane with me. It's a really good size, and it was £8 in the sale from sports direct.

I will obviously have my passport, boarding pass and everything else I need to get onto the plane/into the country. 

So first of all, I will have my beats. These are an essential, they're better than earphones on planes as you can't hear any background noises. I also have my phone with me, as I use it for music and photography. 

Sometimes depending on how long I'm going to a destination for, I will take my iPad. If I'm going on a long 2 week summer holiday then I will take it. 

Next you have to have a book. I will sometimes either take a few books or my kindle. Kindles are great as you can put as many books on there as you want and of course it won't weigh your bag down. A book is essential as it keeps you entertained. 

I also take my Polaroid camera. This is my favourite thing for travelling, as you can capture memories, and have them printed straight away. 

I also take my scrapbook with me, as I love taking it everywhere I go. I usually stick my Polaroids in here, and write about any exciting days I've had whilst away. 

I usually take a small pencil case or some pens so I can doodle and write in my scrapbook. This keeps me entertained for hours. 

Finally I will also have a mini travel survival kit. In this I carry chargers for my devices, wet wipes, tissues etc, I will be doing a post on what's in my travel survival kit soon. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's helped you out!
Be sure to comment down below what your travel essentials are. 

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Fleur de Force Glam Guide

Hey guys! So today I'm here reviewing The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force. If you don't know who she is, then she's a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger, vlogger and youtuber.

So first of all, this book is based on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It includes loads of tips and informative information, as well as opinions on products etc from Fleur.
The chapters in the book include:
-Health and fitness
-Life, love, dreams and everything in  between
-Youtube and blogging
-A note to my subscribers

The cover of this book is stunning. The front, back and spine are super pretty, and they definitely draw me into the book.

I absolutely loved this book, it was similar to Love, Tanya, by Tanya Burr, but this was in more detail. It's definitely my 'go to' book for advice. It gave me loads of tips, and I recommend it for teenagers, children or even adults who enjoy reads like this.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and it helped you out!

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My favourite drugstore makeup products

Hey guys! So today I'm here with another colab, this time it's with Sabine, from twicethepink, so you should go and check out her colab post showing you her favourite makeup products.

1. Rimmel stay matte powder
I've mentioned this powder so much, in a variety of blog posts, but it is literally the best product ever, especially if your makeup doesn't stay on very long, and if your makeup always turns shiny. I have it in transparent, as then it can't look to cakey on your skin, and simply stops the shine.

2. Collection work the colour eyebrow kit
I've also mentioned this product before, and I've also done a review on it, you can find that here. This is the only product I use on my eyebrows, I've used it for around a year now, and it is my favourite. The colours are perfect, and its so useful.

3. MUA blush in 'lolly'
I've only recently discovered these MUA blushes after everybody has been raving about them on instagram. They're only £1, and absolutely amazing, definitely worth the hype. You can get them in loads of different colours, the packing is ok, and it stays on the cheeks for quite a long time. I have the colour 'lolly' and it's a pretty, brightish pink colour. It's a great colour for the summer.

4. Collection lengthening mascara
I've also only just recently started using this. I usually use mascaras that have a thicker brush, and give more volume rather than length and definition, so this is a different type of mascara for me. This mascara gives loads of length, and it defines the eyelashes really well. It also doesn't take very long to apply to get a great look, unlike most lengthening mascaras. So in this category, this is probably my favourite mascara.

5. Collection lasting colour lipstick in 'sugar plum'
I've also mentioned this product quite a lot in past blog posts, but this has been my favourite lipstick since Autumn. Although it is spring now, I think you can still pull the dark lip off! I don't think I can part with this lipstick quite yet!! It is one of the best dark lipsticks I've ever seen, and its super pigmented, and it has a great staying power.

I hope you've enjoyed this post guys! Remember to go and check out twicethepink, who I've done a colab with.


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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lip picks for moisturising

Hey guys, so I'm not sure if you remember, but a while ago I did a blog post with the same title, telling you all my favourite lip colours for autumn/winter (you will find that post HERE.) Well today's post is very similar, but I'm going to be showing you my favourite lip products for moisturised, soft lips.

1. Lip scrub 
To get rid of the flaky lips, it's best to use a lipscrub. This is the first step, before you put a balm on. My favourite is a lip scrub from lush, in the flavour popcorn. It was around £6, and it's really good. You just dip your finger into it, and rub it onto your lips, then you can either take it off with a wipe, of you can just lick it off, which is personally what I prefer to do, as it tastes AMAZING!!

2. Lip balm
You obviously need a good lip balm, and I have two favourites. They are both different to apply, and both feel different on the lips. First is the Nivea lip butter in raspberry rosè, this is a little pot, so you have to apply it with your fingers. I'm not keen in these types of lip balms, as I think they can get quite unhygienic. But this one is lovely, it smells really good and has a really nice consistency. It turns your lips a slight pink shade as well. 
Next is the blistex moisture max, I prefer this type of applicator, as you don't have to use your hands. This is really moisturising and certainly does it's job. It turns out clear on your lips, so it's perfect for all times. It has more of a runnier consistency compared to the Nivea one. But I definitely recommend this. 

3. Lipstick / gloss
Then of course to finish it off I had to include a lip colour. Because this post is about moisturising the lip, I thought I would include a lipgloss as they are a lot more moisturising than lipsticks. If you have dry cracked lips, lip glosses are way better as they don't show all of the cracks like lipsticks do. So my favourite lipgloss at the minute is a glossy tube by Barry M super shiny lip gloss. Unfortunately it doesn't say the colour on this tube, but it's a beautiful bright red colour, and the smell is absolutely amazing. It smells like a sweetshop!! I definitely reccommend this. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

My evening skincare routine

Hey guys, so today I'm doing my evening skincare routine. Its a collab with Lucy from All About That Makeup, who is doing a morning skincare routine, and you can find her blog here.

So as you can see from the picture, I only use four products on my skin of an evening, this is because I like to keep it simple, and I don't like to put loads of chemicals onto my skin. I only have two steps to my evening skincare routine, so carry on reading if you want to find out more. 

1. Removing makeup.
So first of all, even if I've had a shower that night, I still go over my face to remove any excess makeup. I will use my Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, which is literally so amazing, and everybody talks about it, but it is certainly worth it. Its only around £4, and I bought it early last year, and still have around 3/4 of it left. You only need to use a tiny bit, and it works miracles. I use some cotton pads / cosmetic pads with this, and they're from Primark, for £1. 
Once I've got most of my makeup off, I will just go over my face with a face wipe just to check. Most of the time I use simple face wipes, although it varies. I also like Garnier face wipes, and Johnsons face wipes, but I noticed these Superdrug cleansing facial wipes the other day. I think they were only around £1, so I thought I would give them a go. They're for combination skin, although you could also get them for dry skin, and normal skin. Most face wipes are the same no matter what the brand, so I thought for less than half of the price of Simple ones, I had to give them a go. 

2. Moisturising. 
Finally once all of makeup has been removed, I moisturise my skin. My skin is oily, but it is also super dry after I've had a shower. I've always used simple moisturisers, and they work the best for my skin. Of an evening, I use the Simple kind to skin, replenishing moisturiser. This is quite heavy on the skin, but also really moisturising, so I wouldn't use this of a morning. It soaks into the skin really well, and is just perfect if your skin can get dry or flaky.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, remember to check out Lucy's morning skin care routine, which you will find here, and her links: Twitter | Bloglovin

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