Sunday, 1 February 2015

January favourites 2015

Hey guys, so today I'm here with my January favourites! I hope you enjoy this post. 

So first of all, we will start with beauty related favourites.

1. Wild mega volume max factor mascara. 
I have been loving this mascara for ages, it's literally so good, it makes your lashes super dark, volumised and it also gives them length, so overall this is a perfect mascara. It also only takes about 10 seconds to apply! So if your often in a rush, this is a great product. 

2. Rimmel fix and perfect primer. 
I have never used primers before I purchased this, and now I will never look back! This is amazing, it's a white colour, and it's easy to rub in, and it makes your makeup go on easier, also it makes your makeup stay on your face all day. 

Next, onto my hair favourites of the month. 

1. Lee Stafford treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length. 
I got this for Christmas, and have been using it for around a month now, and I can see a huge improvement in my hair length. I will do a separate blog post review on this once I've finished using it. 

2. Essence ultimate shine heat protection spray. 
This is another product I received for Christmas, and it is really good. It protects your hair from any heat eg straighteners, curlers, hair dryers etc, and it smells AMAZING!

Onto my favourite scent of the month:

Jack wills English velvet body spray. 
I received this in a set for Christmas, and this is by far my favourite. I take it to school, as it's great for freshening up throughout the day. 

Finally my favourite book

Love, Tanya, by Tanya Burr
This has only been out a few days, but I felt like I had to include it. I'm so far into the book already, and I love it! I like how it has help and advice in it as well, so it's not just a biography. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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