Saturday, 17 January 2015

Top 6 drugstore beauty products under £5!

Hey guys, so I'm here today doing a post which was the most requested on Instagram, my top 7/ favourite drugstore beauty products. 

1. Rimmel stay matte powder. 
This powder is literally my life. It is so good, and it sets your makeup by making it matt, and by making it last longer. If you have oily skin I definitely recommend this.
£3.99 from boots. 

2. Collection lasting colour lipstick. 
In the shade No. 3, sugar plum. I have mentioned this in a post before, and it's really good especially for winter.
£2.99 from boots. 

3. Collection work the colour eyebrow kit. 
This is amazing, especially if your looking for something to fill your brows in that is softer and not as harsh as a pencil. The colous suit any skin tone, and there is a clear brow mascara for setting them. I did a review on this a few months ago, so if you scroll down you will be able to find it. 
£3.99 boots. 

4. Baby lips moisturizing and hydrating lip balm. 
This is a great, clear lip balm so you can't tell that it's on your lips. It's the perfect size and great for school. 
£2.99 boots. 

5. Collection fast stroke eyeliner. 
I use this for doing a wing when I'm wearing eyeliner, and it's great and super easy to use. It also lasts on your eyes for ages, and doesn't smudge easily. 
£2.50 superdrug. 

6. Models own blue shimmery polish. 
I usually use this as a top coat. It just make your nails looks prettier, and it makes them last longer. 
£5 boots. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and it helped you out! 

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  1. Never seen the collection brow kit before, might have to get that! X

    1. It is amazing, I reccomend you get it! X

  2. I love the stay matte powder! I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award... check out my recent post for more details x

    1. it is the best powder! thank you for the nomination x

  3. I love your blog! How do you upload the pictures onto your blog?x

    1. thankyou! and if you download the app blogger, once your creating a post, whenever you want to add a picture you just click the camera sign in the top right corner x