Thursday, 1 January 2015

New year resolutions 2015

Hey guys, so today I'm here telling you about my new year goals. Some of them are crazy, however some of them are achievable and realistic if I work towards them. First of all i just want to say I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. Lets get started. 


1. Travel more. 
This year should be a good one for traveling as I am going to New York City in Easter! I am super excited about that, and hopefully I will be going on holiday in the summer as well. 

2. Do well in all exams. 
In September I will be going into year 11, which means my mocks will be coming up this year. Doing well in exams is really important for me, if I want a good career. 

3. Save money for NYC. 
I find it hard saving money as I always want to spend! But if I want a successful trip to New York, I need to start saving. 

4. Get fit for summer!
Everyone always going on about wanting their 'summer bod', well this year I am determined to get mine. 

5. Go to a few concerts. 
I am going to see the vamps and union j this year with my friend, although I feel like I want to live a bit more, and go and see a few different concerts. 

6. Get a george shelley twitter follow!
This probably sounds quite random, but as you know if you follow my Instagram, I am obsessed with union j, and JJ, Jaymi, Josh, and their band account follow me, so now I just need George. 

7. Get a direct twitter message from one of union j.  
DREAMS!!!!! Altough I think this could be achievable. 

Crazy goals:
These are basically revolved around meeting people. 

1. Meet union j. 
If you don't already know, I met them in august 2014, and it was the best day of my life, so my aim is to meet them for a second time. 

2. Get a George Shelley hug!
This is definitely possible if I get to meet them. 

For now, that is all of the goals I have, I'm sure I will continue adding more onto the list!!
I would love to know what your new year goals are, so feel free to comment down below!
I hope you have a good year. 

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  1. i really want to travel more to! so jealous your going to NYC, I've heard its amazing! x

    1. I love travelling! I'm super excited for New York! Thanks for the comment! :) x