Tuesday, 27 January 2015

'I love juicy' lush shampoo

Hey guys, so today I'm here reviewing one of my lush shampoos called 'I love juicy'. 

First of all, the packaging is really pretty, and easy to get into. It states on the bottle that the shampoo 'is to blast through grease and make oily hair bouncy and clean once again'. I wouldn't say that it does this any better than any other shampoo, even shampoos that aren't necessarily for oily hair. It makes your hair feel super fresh, which is of course a bonus, and it makes your hair smell AMAZING! The smell lingers throughout the day, which makes your hair feel fresh at all times. 

It is around £6-£7 for a small bottle, although you only need a little drop, so it will last a few weeks if you wash your hair everyday. I probably wouldn't buy this shampoo again, as the price is quite high for a small bottle of shampoo, that doesn't work any better than any other shampoo. 

My favourite thing about this product is the smell, however I'm quite disappointed that it doesn't work any better than any other shampoo. 

I hope this has helped you out in case you was thinking about purchasing this product, and I hope you enjoyed this extra Wednesday post!!

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