Sunday, 11 January 2015

Autumn & Winter lip picks

Hey guys, so today I'm here doing a lip post. I'm going to be showing you the top 3 lip colours of the season, and my favourite products for that colour. 

1. The plum lip. 
My favourite product for this colour is the 
Brand & name- Collection, Lasting Colour lipstick
Shade- 3, sugar plum
Price- £2.99 
This is a great lipstick, it's super moisturising, and it is really pigmented, it also stays on your lips for AGES, which is a great bonus as you don't have to keep re applying it. This is also probably my favourite lipstick and colour for the season. 

2. The red lip. 
I've never really worn red lipstick before, but when i discovered these products it totally changed my mind. 
Left product:
Brand & name- Barry M lip lacquer crayon
Shade- No. 3
This is a great product, and again it stays on your lips for a while, and it's super easy to apply. 
Right product:
Brand & name- MaXFactor lipfinity lip tint
Shade- Coral Crush
Price- Around £7.99
This is probably one of the brighter red shades, it is more like a pen, so again it's easy to apply, and it lasts on your lips for hours. 

3. The nude lip.
If your not brave enough to go dark, nude is always a great way forward. 
Brand & name- Collection, Volume Sensation
Shade- 13, satin bow
Price- £2.99 
The colour on this lipstick is great, and it's definitely my go to lipstick. As it is lighter than all of the other shades, it is the easiest to apply, and takes no where near as long. However it doesn't last on your lips for very long, as it kind of fades quickly. 

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! See you soon!
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  1. The first lipstick looks so nice! <3

    1. it is really nice! i recommend it xxx

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