Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Collection work the colour eyebrow kit

I purchased this product yesterday, (from boots for £3.99) hoping for it to give my eyebrows some colour and definition, however not to bold and obvious.

The packaging is really good, and easy to open, and the application of the product is fairly easy to use, once you have got used to it. 

It has three different shades from dark to light. It looks a bit like eyeshadow, and it's the same texture as it. I find these shades really useful, because if none of these shades fit the colour of your eyebrows, you can mix them together. 

As you open the packaging, you notice that it has a brush inside. The brush has two sides, one is an angled brush and the other is a round brush. 

Also it comes with a clear brow mascara which I find extremely useful, to shape your brows, and to keep them tamed. 

Overall, I am really happy with this product, and I think it is really cost effective. 

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