Saturday, 24 May 2014

How to cope with boredom!

So as you know it's half term WOOO! Well some people won't be feeling like this, as they will be bored all holiday. And that is the reason for my post today!
I never get bored during the holidays as I always have lots of things to do, I hope this post helps!

- GO SHOPPING!!!!! (This is my fave thing today, I do loads of it!)
Grab a Starbucks! (Go out for a coffee date with your friends!)
- Have a lie in! (This will make the day go quicker, and there is less time to do things!)
Go ice skating, tobogganing, etc!
- Go swimming! (It's always really funny with friends!)
- Get a bus into town with your friends!
- Go to the cinema!
- Go to a theme park if you leave near one (Drayton manor alton towers)
- Read a book! (The holiday is a good time to get into a book!)
- Listen to music for a bit!
- Sunbathe outside if the weathers good!
- Have a movie and pyjama day!
- Have sleepovers with friends (you could get a tent and sleep in your back garden!)
- Get a job, such as a paper round! (It will keep you busy)
- Do homework, get it out of the way, and do revision!
- Go to your local gym, it may even have an outside pool!
- Write a diary!
- Do some baking & cooking!
- Go fruit picking
- Plant some flowers in your garden
- Go to the beach (and go at night or when the sun is setting!)
- Feed ducks at a pond and go on a picnic
- Go for a walk / bike ride, or make a nature walk!
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I hope this has helped you, and comment below if you have any other ideas! Hope you all have a great week off!


  1. Hey I really like your blog (first time reading it) and I follow you on insagram. And I have a few questions for you so if you could Kik me and maybe follow me on insagram that would be great!

    1. I'm sorry i have only just seen this comment, and I'm happy to help! as you follow my instagram if you still have some questions to ask direct message me on instagram, and i will reply :)